The Contribution of the ICT Sector to the Energy Transition


Christoph Bornschein (Moderator)
CEO, Torben, Lucie und die gelbe Gefahr

Markus Brehler
CEO, Caterva GmbH

Michael Ding
Executive Director Digital Strategy, Envision Energy Limited

Kirsten Hasberg
Co-Founder, StromDAO

Dr. Eleni Pratsini
Director, Cognitive IoT Solutions, IBM

Jane Rygaard
Head of Marketing, Advanced Mobile Solutions, Nokia

Francois Sterin
Director Global Infrastructure, Google


How can digitalisation and energy efficiency become two sides of the same coin?

There is shift from a centralised to a decentralised design of the entire energy sector, while the internet is expanding into the real world with the internet of things. With this shift, it is increasingly difficult to say who and what is consuming and producing energy at any given time. That is not without risk for the energy transition, as these trends drive up energy demand. In short, digitalisation as a global process of transformation and energy efficiency must become two sides of the same coin. The ICT sector as a whole must become part of the energy transition. To steer digitalisation correctly, we have to take the interdependency between information and energy into account. Only then will we be able to understand the full extent to which the process of digitalisation can play a role in the future of the energy transition.