Decarbonising Transport


Christian Hochfeld (Moderator)
Executive Director, Agora Verkehrswende
Dr. Edgar Gutiérrez Espeleta
Minister for Environment and Energy Costa Rica
Greg Archer
Director, Clean Vehicles, Transport&Environment, European Federation for Transport and Environment
Holger Dalkmann
Director, Strategy and Global Policy, EMBARQ Director, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities
Greg Archer
Director, Clean Vehicles, Transport & Environment
Cornie Huizinga
Secretary General, Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT)
Dr. Jari Kauppila
Head of Statistics and Modelling, International Transport Forum, OECD
Fabian Schmitt
CTO StreetScooter
Els de Wit
Programme manager, Ministry of tansport, public works and watermanagement, The Netherlands


How can we create markets for low-carbon transport solutions?

New technologies, business solutions and energy sources for the transport sector are manifold. However, they have to be integrated in a sensible manner into existing or future mobility concepts in order to truly decarbonise transport. Urban development and new requirements for freight transport have created new approaches to green mobility in recent years, also resulting in changing mobility behaviour of passengers and customers. What are these concepts, what benefits do they bring and what challenges do they involve? In connection with the change of fuel technologies for the transport sub-sectors, this session will elaborate on how to reduce energy use and how to satisfy energy demand with renewable energy sources.