Energy-efficient buildings


How to put the global building sector on a 2 degree pathway: achievements and challenges.

Decarbonisation of the building sector is a major contribution to energy security and affordable energy for consumers around the globe. Although renewable energy and energy efficiency measures have proven to be cost-effective, a significant proportion of the improvement potential is not being realised. Important barriers include long payback time and high initial investments as well as a lack of regulations. The Global Alliance on Buildings and Construction (GABC) aims to bring together countries and all stakeholders in the building sector value chain in order to scale up implementation of ambitious action in the buildings and construction sector towards the “below 2°C” pathway. It was established during the COP 21 in Paris and already includes 23 industrialised, emerging and developing countries, in addition to various governmental and non-governmental organisations. In this session, members of the GABC will present and discuss the GABC Global Roadmap and explore the potential behind the deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the building sector, as well as discuss international finance measures for energy efficiency in buildings.