Here you can find the presentations of this year’s Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue. You can download the slides in PDF documents by clicking on the links below. More presentations will be available soon!

  1. 20.03.2017, Dr. Fatih Birol: “Perspectives for the energy Transition”
    File size: 0,7MB
  2. 20.03.2017, Prof. Dr. Ottmar Edenhofer: “Carbon pricing and financing of low-carbon and sustainable infrastructure”
    File size: 1,2MB
  3. 20.03.2017, Bruce Douglas: “PV scalability offers Solutions to all types of energy Transition”
    File size: 0,6MB
  4. 20.03.2017, Dr. Patrick Graichen: “Can Prosumers create disruptive Progress for energy transition”
    File size: 1,3MB
  5. 20.03.2017, Tetsunari Iida: “Prosumption Energy Transition in Japan – power from elite to the people”
    File size: 2,9MB
  6. 20.03.2017, Juan José Aranguren: “Renewable Energy in Argentina – Opportunities, Challenges, Actions”
    File size: 1,6MB
  7. 20.03.2017, Sileshi Bekele: “The Ethiopian Power Sector: A Renewable Future”
    File size: 2,2MB
  8. 20.03.2017, Mario Šiljeg: “Renewable Energy sources and Energy Efficiency in Croatia”
    File size: 0,9MB
  9. 20.03.2017, Dr. Seyed Mohammad Sadeghzadeh: “Pioneering Policy Decisions to Promote Renewable Energy in Iran”
    File size: 1,7MB
  10. 20.03.2017, Norbert Ranzanakoto: “Madagascar vers la Transition énergétique”
    File size: 1,6MB
  11. 20.03.2017, Alfredo López Valdés: “The Energy Transition in Latin America – Republic of Cuba”
    File size: 2,1MB
  12. 20.03.2017, Amar Bhattacharya: “Energy, Growth and Development in a Carbon Constrained World”
    File Size: 1,8MB
  13. 21.03.2017, Kateri Callahan: “Energy Productivity – Driving Industrial Efficiency Through Leadership Cmmitments”
    File size: 2,1MB
  14. 21.03.2017, Christian Hochfeld: “Decarbonising Transport”
    File size: 1,2MB
  15. 21.03.2017, Dr. Jari Kauppila: “Urban Mobility: How fleets of shared vehicles could hhange our cities”
    File size: 3,2MB
  16. 21.03.2017, Fabian Schmitt: “Electric vehicle development at Deutsche Post DHL”
    File size: 2,0MB
  17. 21.03.2017, Alberto Pototschnig: “Investment in Grid Infrastructure”
    File size: 0,7MB